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All BERSA, METROARMS CORPORATION (American Classic, MAC, SPS), and COMANCHE pistols and revolvers featured on this website in need of service must be sent directly to one of our warranty repair centers listed below. Before you send a new Bersa in for repair please be sure to use standard ball ammunition during the break-in period (200-300 rounds). Proof of Purchase is required for all Comanche Revolvers and Super Comanche Pistols. Warranty work cannot begin without your proof of purchase for these models.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND FIREARMS TO THE NEW JERSEY OFFICE FOR REPAIR, this will only delay your repair, as there is no gunsmith at this facility.

Send your firearm, magazine, copy of photo ID (TEXAS WARRANTY CENTER ONLY), FFL (if a dealer), and a brief note with your contact information and a description of the problem. Do not send ammunition. You are responsible for the shipping costs to send your firearm in for repair. Only FFL holders may ship via USPS, all others must use UPS or FedEx.

Colorado Gunworks, 2333 State Road 67 South, Lyons, IN 47443
Tel: 812-659-4867
email: cgwgunsmith@coloradogunworks.com

Reynerson's, 10044 Hooper Rd., Baton Rouge, LA 70818
Tel: 225-261-4860 Fax: 225-261-4865
email: reynersons@gmail.com

Ahlman's, 9525 W. 230th Street, Morristown, MN 55052
Tel: 507-685-4243 or 4244 Fax: 507-685-4280
email: mike@ahlmans.com

JGE, 156 CR 305, Lott, TX 76656
Tel: 254-749-7940
email: johnsgunsetc@gmail.com

The Gun Doctor, 60690 Stoney Point Rd., Vernonia, OR 97064
Tel: 503-429-7342
email: Wolfgang@WolfgangTheGunDoctor.com
Please visit the "Shipping/Repair Info" page of The Gun Doctor's website, http://www.wolfgangthegundoctor.com/Shipping&RepairInfo.html for useful, legal & money-saving tips before shipping your pistol.

Bersa firearms can also be serviced by Gander Mountain. Gander Mountain locations can be found at www.gandermountain.com Please call Gander Mountain before sending or bringing your firearm in for repair. Gunsmiths are at limited Gander locations.

If you have any questions, please visit us on the web at: www.bersa.com or email us at: info@bersa.com Many questions can be answered with our online list of FAQ: www.bersa.com/bersa-faq


Upon the expiration of the one-year Warranty, and for as long as this BERSA firearm is owned by the original purchaser, BERSA S.A. offers to service and repair any defects or malfunction in this BERSA firearm excluding the finish, grips, sights or magazine, without charge. Requests for service should be submitted in writing together with proof of purchase and the firearm (insurance and shipment prepaid by the purchaser) to an authorized service center identified on the enclosed list. Return shipment and insurance shall be paid by BERSA provided the service is covered by this service contract.

This service contract is only extended to the original purchaser and shall be waived if the defect or malfunction was caused by neglect, abuse, careless handling, unauthorized ammunition, ordinary wear and tear, unreasonable use or failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance as set forth in the instruction manual.

Please complete and return the enclosed original purchaser registration card, found in you firearm's box, to assist us in providing this service to you. If you require assistance in connection with this service contract, please contact:

Eagle Imports, Inc.
1750 Brielle Ave., Unit B-1
Wanamassa, NJ 07712