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Thread: Bersa 83 with Nickel Finish

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    Bersa 83 with Nickel Finish

    Here's my first Bersa. This beauty grabbed my attention in a local pawn shop & I had to take it home. It's a gently used model 83 in .380 caliber with nickel finish & hardwood Bersa grips in near mint condition. I own several full size pistols & this is my first compact pistol & .380 for that matter and I've gotta say, this is a fun little pistol! My first trip the range was a little disapointing. I ran a box of 50 Federal FMJ through it and had 3 jams! The last round of the mag would stand up straight and get jammed behind the empty case of the round that had just been fired. I was a little upset. I own Berettas, SIG, HK, & Ruger and have put MANY thousands of rounds through all of them and have never had a single malfunction of any kind until this Bersa so I was more than disapointed to have 3 malfunctions on a range visit. When I got home and stripped it all down I found the mag spring to be weak and the edges of the steel follower had some burrs from the factory. I ordered a new magazine spring, cleaned out the mag body, polished the edges of the follower, & lightly polished the feed ramp with my dremel and now it eats everything I feed to it from FMJ to SD HP ammunition. All it needed was a little TLC.

    Bersa 83 Nickel

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    She's a beauty alright. My Thunder 380 needed a deburr and polishing out of the box when new. Thirteen years later it still shoots flawlessly.

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