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Thread: Got a new bersa thunder UC pro

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    Got a new bersa thunder UC pro

    I have a new 9mm bersa thunder UC pro, I;ve shot ~100 rounds, FMJ and some HP.

    After shooting it a while, it seams the gun feels just a little bit big in DA mode, are there other grips for this gun?

    Also, I thought i read somewhere, that you can buy ~$150 in that yoy can swap out so it can do 40 SW, anyone know of this?

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    There are after market grips available, but I think they are thicker than the OEM grips, so wouldn't help you. If you are interested, join us at Bersa Chat & you'll be able to find links to those that are available.

    There is not an official conversion from 9mm to .40S&W. The frames appear to be the same, but I wouldn't recommend a conversion without Bersa's okay. I have both pistols & like the idea of being able to grab whichever one I want & not have to field strip & convert.

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