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Thread: Magazine won't seat on Thunder 380 CC

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    Magazine won't seat on Thunder 380 CC

    I recently started having trouble with my Bersa Thunder 380 CC. I typically carry it with a full 8 round magazine with a round already in the chamber. I've never had an issue with the magazine refusing to seat properly until this afternoon. The magazine will seat fine with only 7 rounds and one chambered but no with 8. I've tried every single one of my six magazines and no joy. The only way I can get the magazine to seat properly with an 8 round magazine is if the slide is locked back to the rear.

    Any help with this would be appreciated...

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    I've experienced this when a mag was new & loading it full didn't leave room for the spring to compress the little bit necessary for it to seat with the slide forward. Usually corrected after the mag spring 'took a set' either from use or from leaving it loaded for a week or so. If you didn't have a problem before & it just started, tells me something is not allowing the follower go all the way to the bottom. When you have 8 rounds in it, you should be able to push down on the top round & get just a little bit more compression out of the spring. Have you disassembled it to be sure no obstruction in the bottom? Maybe the floor plate has been dislodged from it's normal position & the button on the bottom of it is not seated properly in the hole of the mag bottom?

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