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Thread: problem with my grips

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    Unhappy problem with my grips


    I just took my class to get my concealed carry permit. During that class I put 100 rounds through my Thunder 380. By the end of the class I had to tighten the grips twice. Is this a common problem or am I doing something wrong?

    Also, I had problems with ammo jamming. I believe it is because I was using Winchester ammo though. I am thinking about switching to Federal. What do you folks think?

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    try taking the screws out and put a couple of drops of Lock-Tite on them. Not sure about your jamming problem, I have never had one with my .380

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    Ditto the loctite, but use the "blue" loctite so you can get them out should you ever want to remove the grips for cleaning. Be sure to apply it to the screw, not in the screw hole & let it sit until tacky, then screw in & let it cure overnight.

    Some folks do report problems with the Winchester White Box flat nosed ammo, so that could have been your problem. You didn't say how many rounds thru the pistol prior to this, but if you didn't get all the shipping goo out when you initially cleaned it, that stuff can gum up things when it gets hot. Also, be sure to disassemble & clean the mags & use Qtips up inside the tube to check for rough spots, etc.

    You should join us at a sister forum, Bersa Chat. If you've never disassembled your mags, there are instructions in the FAQs section. Also, for the next 3 weeks there will be a 'Karma' drawing for Laserlyte's new laser for the Bersa Thunder .380 & the Bersa .380 Plus pistols. It'll start Monday night & the drawing of 2 winners will be done on Wednesday night.
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