I received my new duotone 22 yesterday evening, cleaned it up this morning, went to my range and started shooting. Wow, best 22lr pistol ever! Shot 50 CCI mini mag 40gr roundnose, not a single problem. Next shot 200 Remington bulk hollow points, 1 stovepipe, 1 failure to lock back after last round. Two clips of Federal bulk, not a problem. I thought to myself this has got to be the best 22lr pistol ever manufactured, but lets give it a real test. I've had a half a can of the the old federal bulk thats been sitting around for about 30 years, lets see if it will eat that. Put thirty rounds thru it, 7 failure to fire, otherwise perfect. I've shot Walther, Ruger, berretta and many other 22 pistols over the years and have never seen one that would have this kind of reliability out of the box, again WOW!!!