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Thread: Thunder 380cc feed problems (jamming) Post Gunsmith follow up.

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    Thunder 380cc feed problems (jamming) Updated...New Ammo report

    I got my 380CC back from Colorado Gun Works. I was previously having feed issues and slide lock issues. I'm just back from the range (250 rounds) with this report.
    1. The slide lock is now operating properly. The first few magazines took a pretty good bump to get locked into place/release the slide... but after that things went smoothly.

    2. The first 42 rounds of Federal FMJ went through flawlessly.
    3. The first 50 rounds of Sellier & Bellot went through flawlessly.
    4. After that, the S&B started to fail to feed on #7 or #8 shell repeatedly
    5. Last 8 rounds of Federal... Flawless
    6. Round 7 or 8 of S&B after that would FTF.

    Im fairly convinced that the S&B ammo is simply not going to work in my CC. According to Mr. Honeycutt at Colorado Gun Works, the S&B ammo has a little bit larger rim in the casing.. I believe that the last round (or two) in the magazine simply doesn't have enough spring lift behind it to get into place before the slide catches it.

    More ammo coming (palmetto state armory has free shipping all summer). Will report back as this progresses.
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    Thank you for the update, dprime. I am glad your pistol is back and working as it should.

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    150 rounds Magtech with no fail to stovepipe...and pictures.

    Just back from the range with a good report. The Magtech ammo went through my .380cc with no feed issues. I did have one stovepipe, but nowhere near the issues I had with the Sellier and Bellot ammo.

    Out of curiosity I took the micrometer to both rounds this morning and came up with this.. first, the S&B ammo measured in at .368"
    Click image for larger version. 

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    and the Magtech measured in at .371"
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I found this measure to hold pretty true over several attempts with several rounds. Granted, my micrometer would never account for lab equipment...but the .003" difference showed up over and over.

    Great little gun, and the S&B ammo is good stuff as well, but just not in my particular Bersa.....

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    Thank you for the update, dprime. I have also have good luck with Magtech ammo. Others have reported issues with the S&B ammo as well, so thank you for taking the time to run down the specifics of the trouble.

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