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Thread: BP9CC Slide locks back every shot

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    BP9CC Slide locks back every shot

    I just bought my wife a Bersa BP9CC for mothers day. We went out Sunday to shoot. It shot 2 round before it jammed the first time. I field striped the gun and cleaned it thoroughly.Oiled it and tried again. I tried 3 different brands of ammo. It continued to jam every few clips. It struck a few round but did not fire them. Then it started to lock the slide back after every shot. Every thing I read said how great these guns were. I have owned dozens of guns and shot 1000's of rounds. When I go shooting I normally bring 500 rounds of each caliber. I ended up shooting less than 100 rounds through this gun. I averaged 50% with one issue or another. I have had more rounds that didn't properly fire out of this gun than I had had in 35 years of shooting. I think in 12 clips I had 2 that fired with no issue any many with a problem with every round.

    Does someone have any suggestions? I did another cleaning to day at work. I fired 3 rounds after I got home and the slide locked back after all three. Tomorrow I will call Bersa and shop I bought the gun from and see what they say. It is my fault. My wife after shoting my S&W she told my she want one like it. Being smart I thought this smaller gun would be better for her. I didn't think she really needed 17 rounds to protect herself. They even had a glock for only $25 more were I bought this. I hope they do something or I guess it is off the the gun show.
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    I believe this was answered on Bersa Chat and the pistol is going in for warranty service and being shipped through the LGS where the purchase was made.

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    If not, please contact us and we would be happy to help.
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    Same problem. Second shot and hard slide jamm with slide catch pushed out the side. Spring was not under the tab but on top of it. Going back for mag release problem so just another thing to add to the list. Here is the spring.
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    XI am a new Bersa bp9 cc owner. I really like this pistol. I own kahr pm9, Glock 19, and 2 Sig 9's ( 229 and 226) this isthe best handling for 15 yards and under and am afraid my most inexpensive pistol is going to be my favorite. I have two concerns though. Trigger is awesome however how can I smooth it out. Also magazine release is tricky and gritty. There has to be a solution. No malfunction after 200 rounds and totally wiped out the paper bulls eye at at 15 yards.

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