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Thread: 9 UC question

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    9 UC question

    Afternoon All,
    Is there someone at Bersa I can e mail and ask exactly what front sight I will need/can get to put the POI of the 9 UC at the 6 o'clock position? (meaning the hole in the target at 7 yards will be sitting on TOP of the front sight, not 1" above)? I'll even settle for dead on if I gotta. I really like this weapon but don't like the spray and pray combat sights. I can't be the only one that wants this setup. Is there someone at Bersa I could e mail and ask?? I'm getting close to ordering a weapon and if need be, I can order the front sight first and have it here before the weapon gets here.
    I need some help here Boys, I know what I want/need out of MY weapon, and I would like it to be a Bersa. There's gotta be someone that has a part number for me.
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    We sent you an answer, did you not receive it? Let us know.
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    I have the Bersa Thunder UC 9 Pro and did not care for the factory three dot sights only because they're useless at night. I ordered the Trijicon night sights and at seven yards or 25 yards I have no problem hitting the target well enough to feel comfortable using this as my CC weapon. All handguns are unique in that we, the shooters, must learn through practice where the POI for each weapon is using its sight system. I'm a big fan of Trijicon three dot night sights but that's just me. If you choose this system you'll need the sights for a Sig P220 if your UC 9 has a serial number starting with the letter "B" or later. The sights dovetails are a #6 front and #8 rear.
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