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Thread: Will a UC9 barrel fit a UC40 slide?

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    Will a UC9 barrel fit a UC40 slide?

    anyone know if a 9mm barrel will fit in a 40cal slide? i ask because id like to have a 9mm barrel reamed to 357sig. I'd love to have a 357sig carry weapon but i hate glocks.

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    I believe the 9mm & .40S&W frames are the same & some have experimented with installing a 9mm barrel & slide on a .40, but it has never been given an okay by Bersa. I don't think anyone has tried the 9mm barrel in a .40 slide. Next question would be the magazine. personally, I'd advise against trying it.

    I'm not a fan of Glocks either. Doesn't Sig ,make one?

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    the magazine would be the regular 40 mag since 357sig is a 40 case necked down to 9mm so im not worried about that. and the closest sig to the size of a thunder uc would be a p239 which is a little bit over $700.

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    Talk to Royce at Co. Gun Works I think he could answer your question.
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    It could be done, but I'd want to check on the pressure issues that might arise. If you want to pursue this, please let us know and we will get the info and get it done if it proves to be safe.
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