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Thread: Bersa Thunder 380 Walnut Grips

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    Bersa Thunder 380 Walnut Grips

    Authentic Walnut Hardwood Grips made by Bersa. Replace the plastic stock black grips with these grips and transform your Bersa into a much nicer firearm. I cannot go on enough how much of a difference these Hardwood Grips made by Bersa make the Bersa Thunder 380 feel... They give it a solid feel and heft to the Thunder 380 one would expect from a higher end Manufactured Weapon. This is definitely a product any Bersa Thunder 380 owner should invest in, I am 100% Satisfied with these grips.

    Time to get Inpignated!

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    The pistol looks great with the wooden grips, MP. I have them on my duo-tone also. IMO, it is the best accessory that I have added to my collection. Thank you for the video.

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    I am amazed how much of an inprovment it brings to my Bersa. I agree, these are the best thing to get if you want to make your Bersa "Better".
    Time to get Inpignated!

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    Wow, those walnut grips look better than I had expected. Maybe it's time to get a set for my Thunder pimp. Add a little class to the "pimpiness."

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    I ordered a set from, yesterday.
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    Thanks, Mike

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