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Thread: Good entry level 1911

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    Good entry level 1911

    Some lower priced 1911s sech as Springfield and citadel seem best as entry level 1911. Has anyone had experience with these? Any experience with Bersa's 1911? Just looking for reliability above all.

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    By "Bersa's" 1911, are you referring to the American Classic? No relation to Bersa other than both are imported by Eagle Imports. There is a 'Firestorm' 1911, also made by the same plant in the Phillipines as the American Classic, but not to be confused with Bersas either. It is no longer being imported. Careful on the one's rollmarked as 'Firestorm'. At one time, Llama made a Firestorm 1911, but it was not 1911 compatible. Even standard 1911 grips will not fit it & it had some reliability issues. They are out of business now, so parts are hard to find, if not impossible. It'll say "Made In Spain" & I'd recommend avoiding it like the plague.

    As for the "best" entry level 1911, you'll get a bushel basket full of replies on that one. Springfield, Citadel, American Classic & Rock Island (RIA) all get good reports as entry level 1911s that allow you to learn the platform & find out what you like or do not like about it. As far as starting with a low priced pistol & spending a bunch of $$ to modify it like you want it, most seem to think it's better to spend your money on a 'name brand' such as Colt, Springfield.

    But in the final analysis, you can buy a $500 pistol & spend $1000 on modifications & still end up with a $500 pistol in someone else's eyes because they don't like the mods you did. So when you do that, just consider it as your pistol & your's alone. Afterall, it's what YOU like that counts.
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    Thanks for the good info! I'm checking Cheaper than Dirt for a good entry level 1911 as you describe. They're well stocked in Springfields at around $480 or so. If my Llama Max 1 doesn't prove reliable, I'll go that course.

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