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Thread: 380 ballistic power

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    380 ballistic power

    3 week ago when I was picking up my new BT 380 at academy a guy at the counter made the same statement a dealer made last month ---- 380 is underpowered and no good for CCW carry. But there are zero Internet posts to confirm this in the way of firsthand testimony about this. And look at the bare facts. Sure it's a lightweight caliber but at 900 fps / sec rememqber the inverse square rule. Kinetic energy is a square of velocity So a high velocity magnifies delivered energy in a value that is a square of, not merely a multiple of bullet weight. I think of the highway analogy. It takes 4 times the distance to stop a 60 mph car as it does one going 30 mph It's a hot little cartridge that will ruin a BGs day as effectively as any other midrange caliber. Just my 2 cts

    Does anyone feel nervous about carrying a 380 for ballistic power reasons? Well don't. You've plenty of power to stop a robber flat in his tracks

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    Correction---- should have said 'delivered energy is a square of, not just a multiple of, speed (not weight). So the zippy velocity of 380 is what gives it true destructive power despite light weight. Same holds true for 5.56 mm & other lightweight fast bullets. An M-16 fired accurately could nail a Taliban at several hundred yards although I think our guys use other rifle types for that kind of shooting. Even a 9mm NATO could zap a Taliban at over 100 yards according to 9mm performance in wikipedia.

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    I am 101% confident that my BT380 will stop a BG in his tracks. The small footprint, low price, reliability and superb accuracy of this 380 combined with low recoil and modern ammo (e.g., Corbon DPX) is hard to beat. Congrats on your new purchase!

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    I was carrying my Thunder .380 while at the range today. I carried it all last week. This week I'll be carrying my LCP. You could say I like the 9x17.

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    Read a news story recently of four guys with AK47s breaking into a guy's home. He killed 3 of them & the 4th one ran. He was using a .380!

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    I feel very safe carrying my BT 380 Plus with Corbon DPX and I can hit what I aim at!

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    thanks for the reply. An LCP is on my wish list. The Bersa Thunder 380 fits in full cut trouser pockets but it's a tad on the heavy side. The LCP seems perfect for that role. How is reliability?

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    Remember reading about that too. I recall reading (can't remember where) that Gen. Patton carried a 380 at least occasionally. It would be interesting to know which model it was and whether he fired it in combat

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