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Thread: Picked up new Thunder 9 HC-Range review

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    Picked up new Thunder 9 HC-Range review

    I picked up my new Thunder 9 HC today...Second one in less than a year. This one was flawless in fit and finish. Matte finish was even. No blems on gun of any kind.

    Put 50 rounds of Federal 115 gr JHP (Fed #9BP) and performance was flawless and accurate. 3 groups of 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" at 10 yards. I had a couple of double taps that were touching. There was little to no recoil. I will have time later on to put more rounds through it, but, so far, it's a winner, of course, which is what I had expected.

    No prep was given gun prior to shooting other than making sure there were no dead rats in bore, and yet gun was flawless. That's the way I expect my combat handguns to function! And, Bersa's ALWAYS DO THAT...It would be a bargin at twice the price!!!
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    Congrats on another Bersa gem, but shhh don't tell too many people or we will be paying twice as much

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    Bersas are the best kept secret out there.

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