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    Is it OK to dry-fire Bersa Thunder Pro 45 UC?

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    Welcome to the forum Kevin. The answer is yes... all Bersa and Firestorm pistols are safe to dry-fire, with the exception of the .22LR.

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    Best to use snap caps if you dry fire any pistol.
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    Complete agreement with Michael. Definetely (please on behalf of your sidearm) use a snap cap.
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    The use of snap caps is good. It keeps from having premature failure of the firing pin and related parts. You can pick them up at just about any gun store and also places like Gander Mountain and such. Whatever you do, do not dry fire a rimfire gun. I found that out a few years ago and had to send a Ruger Mark II back to Ruger to get the barrel replaced and had to go thru the paperwork again because it had to be re-serialized. A 130.00$ bill.

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