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Thread: Wolff Replaceemnt Disconector Spring

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    Wolff Replaceemnt Disconector Spring

    If broken disconnector spring is such a frequent problem on Bersa Thunder, would it be worthwhile to ask Wolff to make the replacement spring? Quality of Wolff springs is quite high and might be a fix for this recurring problem.

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    I have talked to Wolff a couple times about making springs for Bersa. I won't repeat what he said about Bersa. I also no longer , buy their springs . .

    The spring isn't that big of problem . Their are 1000's of Thunders out their in the WORLD with out trouble. Internet make it look like bigger problem . As people that have trouble fine this board or Both boards are fairly small so looks like a bigger problem. Never hear from all the ones that don't have trouble . Mine is going on 6 years old never had problem one, not even a jam. I have had members with over 6000 rounds no trouble It really is a small number and has been addressed and should be even smaller number
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    Very good point. I am new to Bersa but heard good things about them for years. I am really impressed with the little Bersa Thunder and would definitely pay to keep this little fun shooter going. As I use this gun at the range, I realize what a convenient size this little pistol is. It is only 20 oz. and yet fills the hand nicely, points very well and is pleasant to shoot. It is VERY reliable and shoots precisely where I put the sights. I could see this as a nice travel pistol and a more convenient to carry concealed than many other full size models.

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