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Thread: Sighting problems Bersa Thunder 380

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    Sighting problems Bersa Thunder 380

    Just bought a Bersa Thunder 380 a month ago for my wife. Firearm seems to shoot 6" long no matter what ammo is presented. Approx. 500 rounds to date. Shot from bench rest myself @ 20 feet and still shots low. In order to hit center mass must aim at 12 o'clock position on target. Going to the range this Saturday, with someone else to see if he has the same problem. Sight picture is front sight covering center mass and centered and even with rear sight. Also, just downloaded training target from the other Bersa Forum.

    Any ideas.

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    Bersas are reputed to be accurate & correct sight picture is dead center, as you describe. While not probable, I suppose it is possible your's got out by mistake & they will take care of it. Sounds like you are doing all the things you should do before asking for warranty. If you get someone else to shoot it, with the same results & you know that the cause shown on the training target is not the case, then call one of the warranty stations about it.

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