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Thread: 380 concealed carry magazines????

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    380 concealed carry magazines????

    I cannot find any 380 CC carry magazines anywhere. Bersa has shown out of stock for 1+year. Is there a hidden aftermarket company that makes these that work? Is there a modification to the 7 rd 380 magazine that will make it work reliably in the CC model? I would love to carry my 380 CC but am required to have at least one spare mag (that works). The 7 rounders work until that last two or three rounds then misfeed.
    PLEASE HELP I have a strong firearms mechanical background (LE Fireams instructor and armorer) and can do about any modifications required.

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    Another place to check is Condors Flight. They don't show stock at the moment but they get them in from time to time. However, Eagle Imports is sending mags on to their distributors first rather than putting them in their own stock. So best bet is to find a local gun dealer who can get them from his distributor.

    ProMag makes an aftermarket mag, but reports are iffy about reliability with some folks saying good & some saying bad. It's not recommended for carry.

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    I feel your pain about the availability of magazines for the 380CC. All but impossible to find for a reasonable price. They are going for upwards of $100 each right now on EBay. It's crazy. I contacted Bersa and they told me they are expecting a shipment from the factory in April 2013. We'll see!

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