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  1. Thanks for the note. I live in Vine Grove, over by Ft Knox.. Bought my Bersa at Knob Creek Gun Range. First new pistol in over 30 years... nice to have a gun and fire the first shot out of it. by the way it shoots great. I got the duotone, and it came with the case, cleaning kit, custom grips and a extra 9 hot magazine and a belt holster. Not a problem one with feeding firing or ejecting with about 300 rounds fired so far. Only problem so far, my rear sight screw came out, found it, readjusted and used some loctite on it.
    I have joined Bersachat under same name. following some of the threads and soaking in the information. Thinking of getting an Old Faithful holster, but I'm concerned about the powder coat getting scraped off or flaking off from the kydex. Are you aware of any issues with the kydex causing problems with the power coating?
    Gotta get, work tomorrow, and weather permitting some more shooting with my new Thunder 380.
    Have a good one, and God Bless..
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