View Full Version : Bersa 45UC Pro Slide Return Spring

02-21-2011, 07:48 PM
I just bought my first gun, and after debating between the 40 and 45, I decided to go with the big boy. I've been reading up on them and had a question regarding the slide return spring, after taking it to the range and breaking it down a few times. I was thinking about the difference in the slide resistance between my 45UC and my buddy's USP.

Now because the USP (and most SA pistols that I know of) use a single spring, they are going to have a more reliable action cycle, in relative terms. What if you used only one spring in the 45UC action, or found a after-market spring that has a tensile compression strength halfway between one of the factory springs and the total of both springs? My first red flag with running only a single spring is that the slide stop might not be able to handle the extra recoil, or that the slide might not have enough 'umph' to push the new round out of the magazine and close completely. Just wondering what you guys think...

At this point this is all hypothetical, obviously. I'm just thinking in terms of potential combat zone/law enforcement applications where you want to know that the action will cycle completely, even if you potentially have a 'cool' round.


03-29-2011, 12:42 AM
There are new springs being developed at this time. We are looking at the application of single spring systems and will post our final findings soon. We are currently doing round count testing and will have new spring systems available soon.