View Full Version : Right Side Safety and slide release

Celtic Warrior
08-24-2010, 11:08 AM
OK I have shot the tar out of this 9UC, every kind of ammo I can find. I have had it for about two weeks and put ~ 500 rnds through it with 0 (zero) problems.

So now I am very comfortable carrying it but it could be more comfortable to carry. It is pretty thick for "Inside the Waist" carry (my preferred method). Has anyone removed the right side safety lever and placed a smaller hub on the shaft and/or done something with the right side right side slide release to narrow the upper frame? I know the "roll pin", on the safety, is blind but I can get it out.

Also, I know Designer Grips once made grips for the UC's as does Marschal grips but I'm looking for thinner grips. I'm thinking about buying a set of Bersa Grips, thinning them then having them Stippled. Has anyone done anything like this?

I have a machine shop so doing these mods is not a big deal, for me.

I fully understand the ramifications of making this a right hand only weapon, just like most of the other handguns.