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Bersa Sponsored Shooter, Gastón Quindi VallergaGastón Quindi Vallerga

Residing in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Gastón Quindi Vallerga is a 32 year old Practical Shooting Pan-American Champion and two time IPSC Argentine Champion. Though he only began to shoot at the age of 21, it was not until 5 years later that Vallerga actually stepped foot into a practical shooting range, and in that instance he fell in love at first “shot.” It was only two years later that Vallerga shot in his first large scale competition and went on to become the Latin American Vice Champion in Argentina. There was no doubt in his mind from that moment on that he wanted to go pro.

Vigorous training and countless hours spent practicing led Vallerga to become an Argentine Team member in the 2011 World Shoot held in Greece. Just a year later he obtained his first major title, Practical Shooting Pan-American Champion and second overall. While Vallerga continued to triumph, his passion sent him knocking on BERSA’s door with an interesting proposal. His vision was to join the forces and talent of a world class shooter with the designs and ingenuity of a world class manufacturer. The new partnership began, followed by six months of shooting with a BERSA Thunder 9 Pro. With this basic stock pistol designed and manufactured by BERSA, Vallerga managed to obtain fourth place in the 2013 US IPSC NATIONALS and found himself among US GRAND MASTERS in the 2013 USPSA PRODUCTION NATIONALS. Vallerga and BERSA now work together on a new and improved full size pistol designed for both defense and competition. Vallerga continues to train hard to fulfill his dream: to become a World Class IPSC/USPSA shooter with a BERSA in his hands. Stay tuned for the results as his story with BERSA continues!