Eagle Imports

How can I get a Bersa catalog?
You can download our current catalog directly from this website's home page. If you would like one mailed to you, please call us at 732-493-0333 or email us at info@bersa.com.

What comes in the box?
Pistol, 1 or 2 magazines depending on the model, owners manual and safety warnings, key, and warranty information.

How many magazines come with my pistol?
All thunder 380s come with one magazine. The BP and COMBAT come with two. All 9s, 40s, and 45s come with two.

How long does the warranty for my Bersa pistol last?
Upon the expiration of the one-year Warranty, and for as long as this BERSA firearm is owned by the original purchaser, BERSA S.A. offers to service and repair any defects or malfunction in this BERSA firearm excluding the finish, grips, sights or magazine, without charge. Requests for service should be submitted in writing together with proof of purchase and the firearm (insurance and shipment prepaid by the purchaser) to an authorized service center identified on the enclosed list. Return shipment and insurance shall be paid by BERSA provided the service is covered by this service contract.

This service contract is only extended to the original purchaser and shall be waived if the defect or malfunction was caused by neglect, abuse, careless handling, unauthorized ammunition, ordinary wear and tear, unreasonable use or failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance as set forth in the instruction manual.

Please complete and return the enclosed original purchaser registration card, found in you firearm's box, to assist us in providing this service to you. If you require assistance in connection with this service contract, please contact:

Eagle Imports, Inc.
1750 Brielle Ave., Unit B-1
Wanamassa, NJ 07712

How should I proceed to send my gun to be repaired?
As long as it applies to the lifetime service contract, a detailed written explanation of the problems experienced along with proof of purchase should be included in the box with the firearm (insurance and shipment prepaid by the purchaser) to an authorized service center. Warranty work must be done at one of our authorized warranty centers only. Click here for a list of our authorized warranty centers: www.bersafirearmsusa.com/warranty.Return shipment and insurance shall be paid by BERSA provided the service is covered by this service contract.
ATTENTION: Please DO NOT send gun directly to NEW JERSEY office.

How long does it take for my gun to be repaired?
Each repair is situational, depending on the problem, the parts, and the warranty center. There is usually a 10 – 14 day turn-around period for gun repairs. Please contact the warranty center in which your gun is being serviced.

Can I repair my pistol by myself?
No, repairing your pistol by yourself is not recommended and will void the warranty. For warranty work, your pistol must be sent to one of our authorized warranty centers only. For technical assistance, please contact one of the gunsmiths at our authorized warranty centers or email us at info@bersa.com.

Can I buy a gun directly from BERSA or Eagle Imports?
No. BERSA only sells its products through its representatives who distribute them to licensed dealers. For a list of dealers, please click the following link: www.bersafirearmsusa.com/dealers. We are working on improving this list to provide more information in a user friendly format. Eagle Imports has a wide variety of parts and accessories available for your weapon that can be ordered by calling (732)-493-0333 or placing an order through our website.

How will my order from www.bersafirearmsusa.com be shipped to me?
Depending on the total of your order, it will be shipped either through United States Postal Service or UPS Ground. Orders totaling under $50 will be shipped via United States Postal Service. Orders totaling over $50 will be shipped via UPS Ground with a provided tracking number.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Orders are processed the same day in which they are received. You should receive your order in about one week. You will receive two emails, one confirming we received your order and one to notify you that your order was shipped. If you order was over $50, you will be provided with the UPS tracking number.

Why does my Bersa pistol look like it has been used even though I just opened the sealed bag and took it from the box for the first time?
All Bersa guns are tested in our factory before being distributed and sold, for this reason, and even when they are cleaned after these tests, they may present some residue showing that they have been fired by our testers.

What is the recommended ammo during the break-in period?
The break-in period is 200-300 rounds and standard ball ammo is recommended for all 380s, the recommended ammo for the BP is 124 or 147 grain ammo, and the Thunder 22 works well with CCI 40 grain or any other fast 22 ammo.

What kind of cartridges can I use in my Bersa pistol?
You can use any commercial cartridge as we are constantly testing new ammunition in order to guarantee 100% reliability, no matter what the brand. If you find a cartridge less reliable in comparison with others, please, let us know your comments by e-mail. In order to optimize the reliability, we recommend to use only high or hyper velocity ammunition in your .22 LR caliber short barrel pistol (Thunder 22 Model) as well as avoid use of standard ammunition.

What kind of ammunition can I use in my BERSA pistol?
+P rated ammunition is acceptable for use in BERSA firearms. For your knowledge, it is a possibility that the constant use of this ammunition may increase the normal wear of the gun. Additionally, hollow and or flat-nose bullets can be used if they are in standard commercial cartridges. However, sometimes the hollow point bullets will not feed, in which the feed ramp will need to be polished. This is not covered under warranty.

Can I use +P ammunition in my Bersa pistol?
Bersa pistols have been designed to support all kind of ammunitions considered under the international standards like SAAMI, among these ammunitions we can find the denominated +P. Nevertheless it is worth mentioning that the constant use of this kind of cartridge may increase the normal wear of the gun.

Can I use 22 LR Stinger, Viper or other 22 LR caliber ammunition in my Bersa .22LR pistol?
Yes, Bersa pistol is designed to support Hyper speed cartridges without any inconvenience.

Can I use hollow or flatnose bullets in my Bersa pistol?
Yes, if they are in standard commercial cartridges.

I have light strike or ammo failure when I use reloaded ammunition.
We suggest you test the gun using commercial cartridges, if the problem continues, if you notice that the firing pin doesn’t mark the cap, your gun may need to be repaired. If you use reloaded ammunition, we suggest you verify the cartdrige before considering a potential problem in your gun.

How should I proceed to send my gun to be repaired?
Please visit the following WARRANTY link to find the nearest authorized warranty center.

How do I obtain an owner’s manual for my pistol?
The owner’s manual for your gun is available for download on our website. Once you click on your model gun, you will be brought to a new page. Under a list of features for that model, you will find a link to download the owner’s manual for that model in the center of the page. Click the blue link to download the owner’s manual to your computer. You can also obtain a printed, downloaded copy of the owner’s manual by calling our office at (732)-493-0333 or emailing us at info@bersa.com.

I need instructions to disassemble my BERSA pistol.
We recommend referring to the owner’s manual for basic disassembly. If you do not have an owner’s manual please refer to the previous question. Additionally, Reynerson's (an authorized warranty center) has a break-down and cleaning video posted on YouTube which can also be found in the videos section of our website (or by clicking HERE). For complete disassembly we suggest seeking the help of a qualified and certified gunsmith only.

I disassembled my gun but I can’t reassemble it.
We do not recommend an owner to entirely disassembe a gun without the appropriate qualification of a gunsmith. In the event that you are unable to reassemble your pistol, please contact one of our authorized warranty centers.

I am interested in accessories for my Bersa pistol, where can I find them?
We carry numerous products such as holsters, grips, and loaders for our pistols on our website. Please visit the our homepage and use the drop down menu bar at the top of the page to view our selection. For a more expanded selection of accessories, please visit CondorsFlight.com (the official authorized accessory dealer for Bersa pistols).

Where can I go to discuss topics and ask questions about Bersa pistols?
Please click on the link to visit our official Bersa forum. We also recommend visiting BersaChat.com, a very well known and populated forum for Bersa enthusiasts.

How can I tell if the part I want to order is on backorder?
To check the availability of a part, please call our office at (732)-493-0333 or email us at info@bersa.com. We will be able to assist you by providing this information and helping you place an order.

How can I order a safety key for my gun?
Safety keys can be ordered on our website at the following link: www.bersafirearmsusa.com/accessories/safety-keys.html. They can also be ordered by calling our office at (732)-493-0333. PLEASE HAVE YOUR SERIAL NUMBER AVAILABLE WHEN ORDERING.

How can I find out about new Bersa products?
Visit our Forum for announcements and information regarding new models and accessories. You can also visit our booth at the NRA show.

I'm left-handed, do any Bersa pistols offer ambidextrous features?
Yes, the Thunder 9, 40, and 45 Ultra Compact offer an ambidextrous safety and slide release and the Thunder 9 and 40 High Capacity offer two ambidextrous safety controls.

Where can I find a left handed holster?
You can purchase a left handed holster for your Bersa at www.condorsflight.com.

My pistol has an internal locking system, how do I know when it is locked?
You will notice an "F" and an "S" stamped near the lock. "F" is for fire and "S" is for safe. You pistol is locked when the lock is set to safe.

Does Bersa make a stainless steel pistol?
No, at this time, Bersa does not manufacture stainless steel pistols. Bersa engineers opted for lighter weight and make a Tenifer treated nickel pistol.

I have an older Bersa 383, 383A, 85, or 86 do you have magazines or parts available?
Limited parts are available for these models, call us at 732-493-0333 for more information. Unfortunately, there are no magazines available for the 383, 383A, 85, or 86.

I have a Series 95 will the Thunder 380 magazine work in my pistol?
Yes, both the 7 round and the 9 round will work in your pistol.

I have the Thunder 380 7 round pistol, can I use a 9 round or 15 round magazine?
The Thunder 380 9 round magazine is interchangeable in the 7 round pistol, however the 15 round magazine is double stacked and made only for the Thunder 380 Plus.

My frame is damaged, can I purchase a replacement?
No, you cannot purchase a replacement frame. If you pistol is covered by the life-time service contract please contact an authorized warranty center for further information.

Will carrying a concealed weapon against my skin cause the gun to rust or otherwise mar the finish?
Yes, sweat can cause rust and other finish problems. Clean you gun regularly with a silicone cloth or lightly oiled rag.

How do I contact Bersa?
Eagle Imports Inc. is Bersa's exclusive representation in the Unites States. For all your Bersa needs, please call us at 732-493-0333 or send us an email at info@bersa.com. Our office hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 - 4:30 EST, we have no automated system, but real, live customer service representatives are ready to assist you.

Does Eagle Imports Inc. sell any other products?
Yes, Eagle sells selection of American Classic 1911s, MAC 1911s, SPS competition pistols, Super Comanche single shot pistols, Comanche revolvers, a variety of Vega and Fundas holsters, and a quality selection of accessories and apparel. Replacement parts are available for American Classic and Comanche/Super Comanche. We are actively working on adding quality products for all your shooting needs.

Does Eagle Imports Inc. support any charitable organizations?
Yes, Eagle is proud to support Susan G. Komen For The Cure. Please see our Forum for information on a Bersa kit with pink grips, pink ribbon key fob, "Bersa Fights Cancer" bracelet, and pink carrying case. $5 from each sale of this kit is donated to the Susan G. Komen fund. Eagle is also proud to support the Armor 4 Troops Foundation www.armor4troops.org/ourmission.html which provides new and replacement "state-of-the-art" anti-ballistic eyewear and other critical equipment and services directly to United States troops in the field that are currently engaged in war zones or other peacekeeping and humanitarian missions throughout the world where combat violence is a threat.

Are Bersa conversion kits available?
No, Bersa conversion kits are not available at this time.

Does Eagle sell night sites?
Not at this time, however check the Forum for announcements in the future.

My dealer is out of stock, is there a supply problem?
Bersa is working hard to meet increased market demands and ships on a regular basis. Tell your dealer to contact Eagle Imports Inc. for updated delivery schedules.

I am a dealer and hold an FFL, are dealer prices available?
Eagle Imports Inc. offers dealer pricing on select accessories and magazines. Contact us at 732-493-0333 or email us at info@bersa.com for both dealer pricing and complementary promotional materials including decals and banners.

My Crimson Trace laser grip may need service, where do I send it?
Information can be found on Crimson Trace's web site: www.crimsontrace.com/Home/Support/tabid/146/Default.aspx.

I have a Firestorm revolver, where can I have it serviced?
The Firestorm revolvers (serial numbers that begin with FSR) are manufactured by Armscor Precision Inc. and should be sent to their Pahrump, NV Service Center. Information can be found on Armscor's web site: www.armscor.com.ph/contacts.htm.

There is conflicting product information in the Internet, where can I find the most accurate, up-to-date Bersa information?
Bersa.com and condorsflight.com have the most up-to-date, accurate Bersa information.

How do I know if I have an authentic Bersa magazine?
Look for the Bersa logo on the magazine to be sure it is a Bersa manufactured product. Bersa does not recommend using any after-market magazines with a Bersa pistol.

My gun needs servicing, should I send the magazine to the service center?
Yes, it is helpful for the gunsmith to test the gun and recreate the problem if you send your magazine with the pistol.

Can a Thunder 9 be converted to a Thunder 40, or vice versa?
Bersa and Eagle Imports recommend that you not try this conversion. It is a complicated process to convert your Thunder 9 to a 40 (or vice versa) and requires multiple parts and the skills of a qualified gunsmith to do this correctly. If not modified correctly, the gun will not feed properly. A modifications such as this WILL INVALIDATE YOUR WARRANTY.

I would like to put night sights on my pistol, what are Bersa sights interchangeable with?
Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact and High Capacity Pros: Front Sight - Sig Sauer #8 / Rear Sight - Sig Sauer #8
Bersa BP 9 MM: Front Sight - Sig Sauer #8 / Rear Sight - Glock